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What would happen if someday you realized that you were different? Nobody understood. Nobody could see the magic that it was to be human anymore.

And then it happened. You woke up! You were free from Earthly bounds!

This is the story of a group of Starfleet officers who stumbled upon the mystery. They struggled to understand it. It affected every part of their lives until they were finally outcasts.

With no one to turn to but themselves they began to learn their gifts. The gift that every human has but has forgotten. Are they teachers? Prophets? Saints? No, not really. Just a young group of humans who stumbled upon the mystery.

Finally united, their numbers grew... carefully and quietly. They were not out to claim Power. And their hearts still beat like human.

Adrift in a sea of possibilities they would strike out on their own. Create a new Starfleet where they could watch and help - to ascend and build the ladder for humanity so that one day we might all be free.

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The Pilot script is complete plus three more. Our little studio is ready to go the next step. We are now looking for funding to put togetherr a 30 minute teaser video to show Star Trek Q to Paramount/CBS. If this money comes from Parmount or somebody else is still up in the air. However, as we wait, we are continuously making progress in other areas of the series.




Dreaming is part of the human experience.  We have all come to realize, at one point or another, that the mysteries of our existence are unfathomable.  Through story and rhyme we have built monuments that speak of our passage through the uncertainty. Our hope and dreams lead the way like a light in the dark.

Star Trek is one of these monuments.  It is perhaps the one that has gone furthest in describing the human plight and its glories.  From the hearth of family to Bajoran Prophets - we have been exposed to all the facets of being human.  But there is one component that has rarely been touched upon on.  That is, the undeniable struggle to spiritually enlighten.  Not just evolve but to go through the door and beyond.

Star Trek has shown us the door – and a few have passed through it. But what lies after?

We have seen numerous Star Trek shows where spirituality played a key part.  We have even seen a series built around the guidance of the Prophets and the abstract directions in which they take us.  We know that in that direction lays a treasure.  But Deep Space Nine left many questions unanswered.  It was perhaps the enormity of the subject that left us wondering… where do we go from here?  Is this the end of the great ladder?

If we are to reach the next frontier the story of stories must be told.  We must deliver Star Trek to its destiny and finish what the great Fathers worked so hard to do.

Star Trek Q is a departure but also a continuation of all we’ve learned from Star Trek.  But we have not yet reached heaven.  We have barely scratched the surface.  Through story we intend to take the last journey into the great unknown.  We will go through the doorway and we will reveal what is on the other side.  Love, tragedy, adventure, uncertainty - the game of the great Q. 

Our dream awaits.  Our escape draws near.  One race, one future, one destiny.

This concludes our proposal. Thank you.




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